ADG’s New EpicSurf Stationary Surf Wave Revolutionizes Land-Based Surfing

ADG’s New EpicSurf Stationary Surf Wave Revolutionizes Land-Based Surfing

Among the most frustrated sports people in Florida is a very elite group of athletes – surfers. Why? There are limited opportunities in which the right combination of weather, tide, wind, and location provide optimum conditions for surfing. Only a couple of places in Florida have the opportunity to become good surfing spots, and only for part of the year. Then there are other nuances like work, school, and sharks. There are very limited opportunities to perform, no less practice the incredible skills necessary to master the sport.

Well, all that just changed as Aquatic Development Group (ADG) proudly announces the launch of their new “EpicSurf” stationary surf wave.

ADG is no stranger to the surf wave market; and their team is responsible for the development, manufacturing, and installation of more than 125 FlowRiders at resorts and water parks across North America. They also developed WaveTek® branded waves, which are installed in over 500 wave pools and resorts around the world, as well as aquariums, water rescue training facilities, fountains, and even motion pictures. 
But EpicSurf is different. Why?  It is the ONLY stationary surf wave feature that can provide: a deep water wave (different from a sheet flow found on other features), that is fully adjustable from 3’ to 5’, where riders use their regular ocean surfboards in a self-contained package on a compact footprint, and it is made in the USA. Its unique Rapid Wave Adjustability system allows the operator to quickly and easily tune the wave, allowing each and every rider to get an instantly customizable ride experience matched perfectly to their skill set. There are even training bar options to help beginners ease into the sport, and best of all…one of the parent’s favorite features…No Sharks. In this controlled environment, beginners and experienced surfers alike can catch as many waves in an hour as they can in a full year of ocean surfing…talk about practice and skills development. 

The base model EpicSurf begins at 30’ wide by 90’ long, and can be expanded up from there in 8’ increments to meet your site and programming needs. It can come equipped with an industry-favorite CES mechanical-treatment package, complete with a precise water quality control system for 24/7 corrosion and irritant-free water, drinking water-grade filtration, and powerful alert notification to assure your patrons that the water can always be “as perfect as the wave.”

The surfing industry is taking notice, as professional surfers and leading surfing aficionados, Surf Dreams Foundation, among others, have sung the praises of this revolutionary surfing wave. Even a leading surfing magazine weighed in on the introduction of EpicSurf.

As you can imagine, the ADG phone is ringing off the hook, but they are actively helping folks explore opportunities for great new EpicSurf locations…and maybe your new or retrofit park project is a good fit. 

Let us know if we can help you get some additional information on the EpicSurf, or the CES treatment package, and we’ll help point you to the folks with the answers.

Finally, Florida surfers will be able to say…surf’s up…anytime, anywhere.