Another National Magazine Highlights New CES Trends

Another National Magazine Highlights New CES Trends

Twice in the past few months, a national magazine has called attention to some popular water quality trends being forged by CES customers. A month ago, Aqua magazine highlighted 3 growing CES trends, and now FCAP (Florida Community Association Professionals) featured an article on the incredibly popular AFM® Activated Filter Media conversions.

Published since 1987, FCAP is the leading resource magazine for condominium and property management professionals and they provide news and vital information to operators of condominiums, homeowner associations, cooperatives, and other multi-unit communities every month. They have earned the reputation of being the industry’s most authoritative voice.

The article, titled: “Beer and Wine, Recycling, and Drinking-Water Quality Pool Water” features the technology behind taking recycled beer and wine bottles, and helping CES customers turn them into consistently pristine drinking water quality pool and spa water. 

It features the terrific AFM® Activated Filter Media – a popular upgrade for any sand filter system – regardless of age, size, or brand.

AFM® upgrades have provided CES customers with:

  • Pristine Pool Water – consistently filtered down to 4 microns level
  • Permanent Media – normally lasts the design life of the filters
  • Self Sterilizing – resist any bacterial growth in filters
  • Activated Charge – absorbs finer particles and organic matter most filters miss
  • Lower Energy Consumption – pump systems can operate at lower pressures, lower amps, and lower electrical costs
  • Water Savings – backwashes the filter in half the time, saving 50% of filtration water consumption

Contact your CES Rep for more information on this affordable and permanent solution to your water quality needs.

Join us in thanking FCAP for making this type of information available to facility managers, and thank the CES customers who have popularized these modernizations. 

The word is getting out.