Century Village—8 Years of Complete Control Takes Next Step in Safety with MCR®

Century Village—8 Years of Complete Control Takes Next Step in Safety with MCR®

Dan Cruz and his maintenance team at 3 Century Village locations have always been trend setters, when it comes to energy efficiency, sustainability, water quality control, and safety. Dan is no stranger to water quality control, having installed his first CES chemistry control system 31 years ago, back in June of 1991. 

Over 8 years ago, they completed a pioneering chemistry control and energy modernization on their 27 pools in Pembroke that was so dramatic that it received recognition from a national magazine… not just once, but twice. They are controlling chemistry, counting water consumption, minimizing pumping costs 24/7/365 while meeting exact DOH requirements, and are monitoring and controlling all pools from the engineering office. Wow! They then completed the same type of modernization at their other two locations, and now have over a million gallons of perfect water. 

But they don’t rest on their laurels. 

They wanted to take advantage of the advancements in communications and chlorine sensing. So, they upgraded their 2014 BECSys5 controllers to 2022 standards with direct-reading PPM sensors and the newest G-bit communications board. 

They weren’t done. They wanted to take yet another step toward ultimate safety, and recently completed an update to CES’s exclusive MCR® (Monitor, Control, & Report) programIf you recall, MCR® provides the only DOH-approved variance from daily testing by combining proven CES technologies in a tamper-proof package. It assures the safest possible pool with great monitoring, PPM verification with a combination of the PPM Sensor and the Spin Touch tester, with instantaneous and escalating alert notification of any out-of-range parameters. It provides the ultimate in safety and liability avoidance, and all in all, it helps them add significant labor savings to their long list of sustainability achievements.

They also take great care of their staff, and they take advantage of CES’s MCR® variance from daily testing to give their guys a periodic well deserved day off… knowing that they will be alerted and can resolve any water quality issue remotely… well BEFORE it becomes an issue. Sure, other folks might just write in a bogus test kit reading on the missing day log sheet entry, but not Century Village… that’s not the way they operate. 

Join us in congratulating Dan and his team for continuing the high standards set for decades, and for always going above and beyond to provide the safest and most appealing water for their patrons and guests.

Contact your CES rep for more information on the MCR® program, and how it can help provide the ultimate in safety and code compliance.