CES Energy Saving Technologies Do It Better, Without Doing “Without”

CES Energy Saving Technologies Do It Better, Without Doing “Without”

What do thousand of CES customers in the US have in common with major hotel chains, and swim school owners worldwide? In a word, a quest for “Sustainability”. Yes, it is starting to be over-used with folks having thinner toilet paper, smaller towels etc., but REAL sustainability is a significant target for many. 

Major hotel chains have announced aggressive new targets for achieving significant sustainability, and there are only some areas where doing “without” is not an option… so doing it BETTER becomes the strategy. 

Fortunately, CES (Commercial Energy Specialists) has a 40-year track record for helping customers save energy on their pool operations, without doing without. What are the major areas?

Power: Probably the most popular target… there are several significant ways to save energy without violating any codes or best practices. Taking direct control over Health Department-required flow rates allows pumps to commonly operate at 25-35% of normal power. You can also legally reduce the flow during off peak hours, and operate pumps as low as 12.5% of normal power. Pumps seem to last longer, and filters work better and seem happier too. 

Water: Another popular target… there are several great ways to save water in pools. New AFM® activated glass filter media, cuts backwash rates in half. This is OVER AND ABOVE the 50% savings already experienced over the past 30-years when using our permanent media filters. Pool covers, water consumption monitoring, and others also help save tons of water. 

Gas: Pool covers will help save 66% of annual heating costs, per the scientific community, and utilizing new 98%-efficient Aquas heaters helps cut costs even further, while providing a long-term solution to your heating needs.

Chemicals: Taking tight control over Chlorine and pH has traditionally resulted in 30% savings in chemicals, but many customers have gone to the next level by making their own chlorine out of recycled pool water. Wall mounted saline systems have an excellent 15-year track record for reliability and performance, while providing silky smoother water that customers love. Skid mounted NEXGEN systems can be wheeled into an equipment room, and can provide chlorination needs for multiple pools out of the same unit… basically your own chlorine factory making on-site chemicals at 35-40 cents a pound. 

Labor: This makes it on many lists, as manpower is considered a finite resource, and it is not only more expensive than ever but scarcer too. Taking tight control through chemistry controllers along with real-time monitoring can help save thousands of dollars a year. Robotic vacuums clean pools flawlessly for 1/10th of manual costs, and automatic filters cut many hundreds of man-hours a year. 

Find out how you can achieve a more sustainable pool operation while modernizing your equipoment, and allowing the new upgrades to “pay their own way” out of savings. Oh yes, there are also tax benefits and rebates on some systems in some locations. 

Contact your CES rep for more information, and to arrange a no-cost site assessment to help you plan your next 10 years of sustainablity growth. We’re glad to help.