CES expands monitoring center again as customers join new monitoring programs.

CES expands monitoring center again as customers join new monitoring programs.

CES started its remote monitoring program in 1993, but it really wasn’t until we moved into our new building in 2013 that the monitoring center really took shape. It is a glass room with lots of flat screens for monitoring your pools, scheduling technicians statewide, keeping track of weather, dropped internet connections and technician whereabouts, while making sure that we’re doing our very best to keep your pools in tip top shape. Now, customers are migrating this critical service to one of our low cost monthly plans in which we not only formally keep track of their pools, but also store logs, provide alerts, periodically test their water, and provide diagnostic services now known as CyberService.

As our leading monitoring programs became more popular we doubled the size our our center, and are proud to announce that we have just completed another expansion, doubling the number of screens and adding more capacity. Why? We needed it!!

Online 24/7 remote monitoring and control of pools has become incredibly popular in the past few years. It has produced the SAFEST pools in the industry, and our customers are running them with the least amount of time, money and effort. It is also now a key component of the CES MCR™ program, which is Health Department approved as an alternative to daily testing.

All in all, we are collecting billions of data points every year from Poland to Panama, storing precious data, and coordinating all text and email alerts for any out-of-range conditions. 

Who’s noticing? 

  • Health Departments: who now allow the CES MCR™(Monitor, Control, & Report™) program to help customers that don’t test daily,
  • Insurance Companies: who have used the data to help CES customers avoid frivolous lawsuits that are so prevalent today, 
  • Management Companies: who keep track of multiple facilities from a central location and keep their condos out of harms way,
  • Key Customers: who rely on keeping in touch with their equipment rooms 24/7, some with additional flat screens in their engineering offices,
  • Proactive Service Companies: who integrate CES monitoring and controls into their daily pool care programs.

Not connected with your equipment room yet? Join the fun. Most CES control systems installed since 1996 are communications ready and monitoring programs are immediate, affordable, and pay their own way out of savings in labor, chemicals, maintenance, and liability.

Contact us for more information on our monitoring program and how our formal monitoring programs can help make your pool care a breeze.

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