CES Installs Hypogen Feed System to Help Deep Cleaning of Office & Warehouses

CES Installs Hypogen Feed System to Help Deep Cleaning of Office & Warehouses

After our recent introduction of the Chlorking Hypogen system, we took even a deeper in-depth look into the technology and what it could provide, and we ended up signing up a new customer… CES Jupiter.  We studied the brochures, the factory video, and the white paper… and loved what we saw, read on.

Set Up Is Easy

You see, safety of our employees during the COVID Pandemic is a big deal to the CES team. Like others, we sanitize all common areas twice a day, including door handles, railings, desks, etc. We have periodically ordered office-wide deep cleanings including foggers, etc. for thousands of dollars, and we have provided an endless supply of hand sanitizer (smells like Tequila to me) for our field and office staff, with extra stations at the entrance for any guests or shipping agents.

Like others, we have tried to source the best supplies possible, but are often disappointed by price gouging and slow deliveries.

Then after a recent live virtual training on the Hypogen with our field and office team, we were reminded that:

  • Hypogen makes 1,000 PPM Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) in a super-oxidized water-based solution, yet gentle enough to spray on your tongue.
  • The pH range of 5.5-6.5 makes 95% HOCL consistently, 100 times more powerful than bleach.
  • It is EPA recognized as a safe, sanitizing solution, and has a great shelf life.
  • It provides a perfect solution for hand sanitizing, common area cleanings, deep cleaning with foggers and misters.
  • It has a 2-gallon tank with a convenient spigot that will provide our staff with an endless supply of water-based sanitizer for office and home use.
  • It is safe to use on electronics, paper, fabrics, and hard metallic or wood surfaces,
  • The system can make up to 144 gallons per day for future expansion and distribution.
  • Makes this recognized solution using household vinegar, water and salt, and a bit of electricity at a cost of 3-4 cents a gallon
  • You don’t need to handle harmful chemicals or use PPE protection when using,
  • It is skid mounted, and only needs to be rolled in to place, connected to 110V power, and a source of city water.
  • Our Chlorking units in the field have lasted for decades, so we know this will too.

Then, in a moment of clarity, the light bulb went off. We realized:

  • Office and deep cleaning are here forever, like enhanced security is at airports
  • CES is committed to continuing the new normal cleaning regimen at all levels
  • Why buy uncertified cleaning agents for 10s of dollars per gallon, when you can make 99.99% hypochlorous acid for pennies a gallon?
  • We are installing ours for about $650 per month using the Chlorking Equipment Maintenance Agreement, like some of our customers have, 
  • It will save us a LOT more that it costs.

Then we bought a system for CES.

The installation will be completed shortly, and we’ll give you follow-ups as we get more daily experience.  We’ll also post our own video of the installation soon, and we’ll be able to do live trainings to walk your staff through the entire process in a live video format.

Finally, we will also be able to send you samples of the powerful yet gentle water-based sanitizer, so that you can test for yourself.

Please let us know if you need any additional information or wish to sign up for a live training in the near future.

Stay Safe.