CES Launches Global Pool Management Program…The Latest Evolution of Equipment Room Monitoring & Remote Control.

CES Launches Global Pool Management Program…The Latest Evolution of Equipment Room Monitoring & Remote Control.

As you probably know, CES has been remotely monitoring pools for over 30 years. The early days utilized phone lines which now seems to be archaic technology… but the end result was the same: great remote visibility of your equipment room. Back then, though, most folks looked at pool monitoring as a luxury, and perhaps not even necessary for day to day operations. 

How times have changed. Fast forward to 2022, and pool operating staffs have been cut down to bare bones. Finding qualified and experienced pool operators is difficult to nearly impossible, and some old-timers even question the motivation and drive of the new work force. Salaries and benefits have skyrocketed too… adding fuel to the fire. At the same time the nature of the business has changed. Bad news travels much faster than good news, and personal injury attorneys are advertising at an unprecedented rate. The health codes are stricter, but the enforcement (the feedback that helps you keep your operations in line) appears to be less prevalent. Innocent children have died from waterborne diseases, and the entire world knew about it immediately. 

Since 2006, we’ve been ramping up in anticipation of today. We moved to ethernet communications anticipating that texts and emails would be the future. Since 2012, we have tripled the size of the monitoring center and are now monitoring thousands of pools. We are logging 10s of Billions of Data Points annually, and storing them for future reference and safeguarding the data, and have increased the monitoring team significantly. 

We’re now ready to take the next step, and CES is proud to announce an updated monitoring program named Global Pool Management or GPM.

The GPM program, in many cases, can utilize your existing chemistry control system, although some boards may need to be upgraded. It provides (4) great features including: 

  • Remote monitoring and control of all major parameters
  • Log keeping & data storage for increased liability avoidance
  • Escalating alert notification of any out-of-range parameters — before they can become an issue, and 
  • Powerful remote diagnostics & CESCyberSupport to instantaneously address any issues without having to drive across town or across the state. 

But now there is more. We can remotely monitor all pools from your phone or tablet without loading any software. We can instantaneously tell when your IT connections drop, helping prevent lapses. We now commonly provide all the communications and data charges to keep your IT department from worrying about Malware or viruses. You even have remote access to all the current manuals & versions, and can even sign up for service calls from your phone or tablet. 

We can track how much energy is being used, and automatically minimize it. We can track how much water is being used, and alert you when you might have developed a leak. We can alert you when it’s time to clean the strainer or backwash the filters to keep your water crystal clear and your pumping costs low, and that is just scratching the surface of the great capabilities of the system. 

Learn how GPM can help you fortify your pool operation for the incredible demands of today’s world, and how it can pay its own way in savings on labor, chemicals, maintenance, and liability. 

Contact your CES rep for an on-site evaluation on how you can put GPM to work for you.