CES offers Free Samples of HYPOGEN Sanitizing Solution to all Customers

CES offers Free Samples of HYPOGEN Sanitizing Solution to all Customers

The installation of our CES inhouse HYPOGEN system has been a great success. It is awesome that we are converting vinegar, salt, water, and minor electricity into 500 PPM HOCL solution – one of the safest and strongest facility cleaning solutions in the industry, and for just pennies a gallon. If we ever wanted to clean vegetables and other items, we can always mix it down to 200 PPM solution, making our 2-lb HYPOGEN feeder big enough to run an entire office building, sports team, or condo common area.

Instead of buying the HYPOGEN  we’re using an affordable monthly lease, which lowers our monthly cleaning and sanitizing costs, while making sure our facility is a clean safe haven for CES employees. CES owns the HYPOGEN after a few short years, and can enjoy complete and affordable facility sanitation for many years to come.

We are using the 500 PPM HYPOGEN solution in mist sprayers & foggers – for facility cleaning and deep cleaning, and now are also using it as a terrific hand sanitizer.

As a sign of our appreciation, we’re offering our great customers a free sample spray bottle for your use as a topical sanitizer for hands, home, and car. 

Please reply here, and we’ll forward a 2 ounce spray bottle sample for your use.

Thanks again for many years of loyal partnership with CES, and please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.

Stay Safe.