CES Online Ordering…Better Than Ever & Now With An Extra 4% Discount.

CES Online Ordering…Better Than Ever & Now With An Extra 4% Discount.

The CES online web store was closed for maintenance last weekend, and was getting some structural enhancements that will help prepare it for the future. While most of these changes were under the hood, and won’t be detectable, it has given it a breather. It needed it. 

Since its launch way back in 2015, CES Online ordering has been a solid performer and a popular resource for CES customers. When asked what they liked best about the store, the customers gave several recurring answers. Some liked being able to shop during off peak times, during quiet time when they weren’t so crazy at work… or when they were curled up with a well-deserved glass of wine at home. Customers liked that they could take their time and look through all their different needs including test kit reagents, chemical feeder parts, etc… things that they seemed to forget to order when speaking to our team in the hustle and bustle of the day. 

The other popular response was the way the store was organized under the MyCES™ section. How does that work? MyCES™ is a special personalized section in the webstore that only shows up when you log in. Your CES rep will pre-load your MyCES™ section with all the major components in your equipment room and/or pool deck. You may have 5-10 items in the section depending on your faciity, and you don’t need to peruse the entire store that has up to 15,000 parts. But, when you click into one of the MyCES™ entries, say the Stenner feeder, the section will expand to show ALL the pertinent (and only the pertinent) replacement parts for that component, complete with photos and pricing. 

The expanding list view has really helped cut down on the number of mis-ordered parts, because a photo is worth a thousand words, and sometimes the verbal description we share might not get the right  part ordered, where a photo will. Also, If the part is not on the list, chances are you don’t need it for that particular piece of equipment, etc. 

By contractual requirements, the pricing found on the common site is a retail or MSRP price, BUT…when you log in (with the credentials we provide)… then it displays your discounted pricing as a member of the CES family.

Using the Online store, customers can just shop away, click “add to cart,” and check out. You are automatically linked to your CES account for purchases, or you can apply a credit card if you want to get some additional “mileage” out of your purchases.

Later this year, the store will get prettier under Phase II of the project, but Phase I is complete and working like a charm. Now the better news… from now until August 19th, you can take an extra 4% off your CES purchases. Simply use the code: AMWebSavings4 in the discount code section when you check out, and we’ll apply it to the entire order.  

Contact your CES rep to get you all set up on your MyCES™ page. It only takes a few minutes, but can save much more time and aggravation down the road.