CES online ORP class answers questions and provides 2 CEU’s

CES online ORP class answers questions and provides 2 CEU’s

Yes, it’s that time again. Sometime during 2020, as in all “EVEN” years, certified contractors in the State of Florida need to complete continuing education classes (CEUs) as a part of their license renewal.

This includes pool builders, service companies, and even building property managers. While you can take a wide variety of classes as primary and electives we wanted to offer a discount on a highly rated online class that may also help owners and operators understand their pool systems better.

The CES online ORP course (Understanding ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential) was developed in 2018, and was based on our popular 2-hour ORP lecture series which was taught around Florida for several decades. The seminars were used by various Florida Department of Health (FDOH) units to help increase awareness of ORP technology among health inspectors and regulators. The class was also popular among pool contractors and service companies at FSPA (Florida Spa and Pool Association) and UPSA (United Spa & Pool Association) meetings and conferences.

Now you can learn about ORP at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. The class has a 5-Star rating, and is designed using simple concepts and analogies. It uses modern educational learning strategies, including videos, flash cards, and connect the dot formats with short quizzes to test your comprehension of the topics along the way.

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