CES technologies on display in fabulous Perfect Day at CocoCay

CES technologies on display in fabulous Perfect Day at CocoCay

Royal Caribbean recently shook up the Cruise Ship destination island world when They announced the opening of Perfect Day at CocoCay in the Bahamas. Did they ever? You can just tell that the days of the Cruise Ship stops to a shopping village or deserted beach bar maybe coming to a close. Really quickly. 

Check out the new Perfect Day at CocoCay. It has everything you and your family might want – from 13 slides including the tallest waterslide in North America, to the largest freshwater pool and wave pool in the Caribbean. Then there’s over 1,600’ of zip lines, and more.

Bright colors, big thrills, and great fun. Had enough fun, try getting away from it all at Chill Island or the Coco Beach Club… no adult supervision necessary. This pioneering new aquatic wonderland was designed by Orlando’s own Aquatic Design & Engineering, and built by Bahamas Environmental Group with a little help from their friends.

Behind the scenes there are some proven CES Technologies at work to help make the experience happen. CES pool pumps provide the pumping power for all filtration and spraying feature water, and for even the tallest slides. CES NEXGen Chlorinators make Chlorine out of Recycled Pool Water, while Pulsar Feeders provide additional chlorination power 24/7.  CES pH feed systems keep the water well balanced with fewer irritants. CES Control Systems carefully monitor the water quality and orchestrate the chlorination and pH control while keeping an eye on other variables like filter pressure, flow, and more. And finally, CES’s Enduro robotic cleaning systems keep the massive pools squeaky clean, and free from sand, dirt, and impurities.

All in all, Perfect Day at CocoCay has raised the bar on how cruise ship ports will be viewed in the future, and will certainly raise the expectation for all other cruise ship destinations to match the WOW factor.

CES is proud to do our share in helping make the experience a pleasurable one, and can’t wait to “TEST” the water first hand!  Contact us to see how these same technologies can work, on a smaller scale of course, on your pool, spa, or water feature applications.

Can’t wait to take another cruise, but I wonder how long it would take to swim there?

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