CES Variance for UV Light Turns 2 Year Old – Resolves Issues

CES Variance for UV Light Turns 2 Year Old – Resolves Issues

Many organizations are turning to UV (Ultraviolet) treatment systems to remove chloramine odors, or give them an extra layer of protection against nasty organisms like legionella. These systems offer a strong non-Chlorine treatment of the full flow of pool water, thus making it an effective solution. They require very little maintenance with periodic cleaning, along with a simple lamp change every 13,000 hours. All in all, they are quite affordable.

What is the problem? Previously the DOH code required that all supplemental UV systems receive a special variance from the Governor’s Variance Board which meets in Orlando every other month. The application process takes paperwork, time, and money. No more.

We are proud to announce that a permanent CES variance allowing a streamlined  processing just turned 2 years old and has helped may customers protect themselves from liablity, while getting crystal clear water. CES received this special statewide variance by DOH to install any one of our 9 Sentry UV units as supplemental treatment in pools and spas WITHOUT requiring a variance. Good Stuff, huh?

Learn more about how UV technology can help resolve your indoor pool chlorine (chloramine) odor issues, and can help bulletproof your organization against harmful organisms such as Legionella, etc.

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