Couple revives abandoned pool to teach swimming and help save lives

Couple revives abandoned pool to teach swimming and help save lives

Josh and Annie Scott are no strangers to the world of swimming. The United States Swim School Association (USSSA) members have been award winners at Collegiate Championships,  Olympic Qualifications, Swimming National Championships, and Masters Swimming National Championships in multiple events. They are Level4 ASCA swim coaches, and have coached multiple national record-setting relay teams and national champions.  They are at the pinnacle of the swim coach tree.

But what is their passion?  Their SwimSRQ swim school in Sarasota focuses on water safety/survival, proper technique, and instilling a lifelong love of the water in every student but they were looking for more. 

After looking at several locations, they settled on a 25-yard pool that would serve the stroke development team, while providing ample space for their learn-to swim program as well. But the old DE filter and pumping system were shot, as was the treatment system, and the pool needed to get re-permtted and brought to current DOH code.

They worked with CES to help evaluate and revive an abandoned country club pool, and outfit it with a state of the art mechanical and treatment packages that would provide safe and appealing water for their patrons and instructors alike, while being ecologically focused. Not the easiest thing to do, but the Scott’s don’t obviously specialize in “easy”.

 Working with CES’s Robbie Hayduk and leading engineer Scott Vaughn, the team put together an affordable and simple-to-operate solution which included:

  • An interactive BECSys5 control system that takes direct control over the water chemistry, pump, water level, water consumption monitoring, and more,
  • A CES PFDx VFD module with a energy efficient self priming pump that operates at the precise required DOH flow for code compliance at a fraction of normal power consumption,
  • A Pulsar all-in-one chemical treatment package that provides all the calcium, bicarb, and chlorine, while using only 1/10th of the muriatic acid of normal systems
  • A 4-tank CES AMF semi-automatic permanent media filtration system with single-level backwash capabilities,
  • AFM® self-sterilizing drinking water grade glass media that is made from recycled glass and filters down to a 4 micron level,
  • A CES Gold Plan monitoring package that keeps track of all parameters 24/7 and alerts the Scott’s team of any out of range parameter, before it becomes an issue.

The Scotts are focusing on continuing to build their leading Learn-to-Swim programs, and they know that they are providing the safest and most appealing water possible. Their water chemistry is perfect, their filters are self-sterilizing and help prevent irritants and harmful organics, and their circulation system is automatically set to provide perfect flow 24/7/365, while using a minimum of power. They can relax knowing that their CES system alerts them immediately of any issues, and they can make any necessary adjustments without having to cancel any lessons.

Help us congratulate Josh and Annie for a terrific job in helping revive an abandoned eyesore and turning it into yet another jewel in the SwimSRQ family tree. Also help us celebrate their commitment to furthering drowning prevention and Learn-To-Swim programs through their own efforts and their support of the tremendous Hope Floats Foundation that provides lessons for children living in poverty. 

What else would you expect from a pair of Champions.

Contact Josh & Annie to sign up for their great swimming programs, and let us know if we can provide any additional information on how you can make your pool a champion as well.

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