Customers Rate Top 3 Strategies to Keep Surfaces Clean

Customers Rate Top 3 Strategies to Keep Surfaces Clean

We all are trying to navigate the COVID pandemic amidst a resurgence in positive tests and hospitalizations. While this is going on, many customers are hyper-focused on keeping their facilities super-clean in order to encourage patrons to return to the pools.

What are the most popular strategies? Here are the top 3 for your reference.

Decks, Ladders, & Rails: 

Many customers have adopted new cleaning protocols that keep the deck areas clean. While many have implemented the affordable and convenient Wysiwash spray method, others still mix their own cleaning solution of diluted bleach and manually clean with a pump up sprayer or rag (on the rails), etc. Many also use other cleaning supplies that contain bleach, if you can find them, or have cleaned the rails with rags containing at least 70% alcohol. Some are looking to implement a HOCL cleaning solution such as the Hypogen which makes 1000 PPM solution for less than 4 cents per gallon, while buying 200 PPM HOCL on the internet is reportedly costing up to $30 per gallon.

Deck Chairs and Common Areas

This deserved its own listing as many facilities had previously overlooked this vital cleaning regimen. No more. Many customers are spraying their deck chairs several times a day using Wysiwash or some other certified formula, and many swim schools are now cleaning toys and swimming aids after every session. Making customers feel safe seems to help increase patronage, and helps keep businesses and pool facilities open. Bathrooms, changing tables, and all common areas need to be cleaned multiple times a day according to many, and the frequency and methods of cleaning vary widely from facility to facility. Again the bottom line appears to be making the patrons feel safe and secure within your facility.

Pool Bottom:

What? Yes, pool bottoms. Many studies have shown that harmful germs and bacteria (including Legionella) accumulate on the pool bottom, with or without visible algae. The bacteria is protected due to an invisible coating often referred to as biofilm. Even the BEST operated chemistry system cannot prevent this bacteria from forming. What can? Active brushing.  Pools should be brushed several times a week at a minimum, but with fewer staff, this is not happening. Also, many times the pool brush pole doesn’t even reach the middle of the pool. Who are we fooling? 

An alternative to brushing is to use a robotic vacuum with active brushing features. The Enduro Peps vacuum brushes and cleans your pool reliably at a rate of 70 sq ft per minute, and its intelligent navigation system makes sure that every inch is cleaned every time. The best option available is using the No Worries Plan at $199 per month. That includes the vacuum, all parts, and ON SITE service and maintenance… just like your facility’s copy machine/printer/scanner.

Please let us know how we can assist you in keeping your facility safe and inviting for patrons and guests. 

Stay Safe.