Deerfield Beach Phase 1 Renovation a Winner

Deerfield Beach Phase 1 Renovation a Winner

City of Deerfield Beach Aquatic Center has been enjoying great water quality since opening nearly 20 years ago. That is when they installed their first CES Nemato filtration system, Strantrol chemistry controller, and all-in-one Pulsar feed system.

These have been working well ever since, and that is a pretty good run for mechanical equipment these days. But, it was time to re-do the piping which had aged in the hot Florida sun, time to move on from the cast iron strainers which were nearly impossible to clean, and to modernize the package overall.

So, in 2020, they worked with CES and a leading energy performance contractor to update the pool as a part of a larger overall energy project. This became Phase 1 of a two part renovation for the overall facility.

The focus for this project was to assure proper flow, save water, save energy, and make the pool system simpler to operate. Also, while the filters were still working fine nearing their 2nd decade, the filter manufacturer had actually gone bankrupt years ago, making the prospect of getting spare parts a little iffy. So, we all got to work and here’s what the new package looks like.

Filters: The existing 8-tank system was replaced by new CES Poltank Horizontal filters, increasing the filter capacity by 15% while fitting in the same space. The new filters are equipped with single lever backwash valves that clean each filter individually, using clear water, without having to shut down the pool pump.

AFM® Glass Media: The original sand media was replaced with AFM® Activate Glass Media which provides 4 micron filtration while reducing backwash time to only 1-1.5 minutes per tank. That amounts to over 50% savings from filter backwash, while providing drinking water-grade pool water.

Controller Update: The existing BECSys5 control system received an update that included increased communications speed, 1-year on-board storage of readings, and the ability to monitor water consumption. The end result is better communications and quantification of water losses, and the same great chemistry control.

Strainer Update: The original cast iron strainer was replaced with a new custom-size composite strainer with clear viewing lid and swing-away bolts for easy monitoring and cleaning. The water flows easier and uses less horsepower to achieve DOH requirements.

Motor Controls & VFD:The existing motor starters were upgraded to CES Motor Control Centers MCC-VFD. With a small decrease in output from the traditional 60 Hz to only 48 Hz due to clean filters, etc. then that would result in a 49% reduction in electrical consumption. The system also works with the BECSys5 to program in nighttime savings (allowed by DOH code) down to 30 Hz, that would result in electrical consumption of 12.5% of normal power.

Up next…. Phase 2 of the renovation where they update some of the physical attributes of the pool itself.

Join us in congratulating City of Deerfield Beach on a job well done, and for setting up their mechanical system to operate at peak performance for the NEXT 20 years… while saving lots of water, electricity, time, and money.