Florida Pools again #1 in US for Chemistry Control & Prevention of Mishaps

Florida Pools again #1 in US for Chemistry Control & Prevention of Mishaps

For 35 years Florida pools have been among the leaders in taking direct control of their chemistry. This year was no different. In a conference of the leading US water quality companies, CES was again recognized as the #1 in the USA in the overall number of facilities who protect their patrons by taking DIRECT minute by minute control of their water chemistry. An alternative to manual (lack of) control, chemical automation prevents under-chlorination, over-chlorination, or pH swings that can irritate eyes & skin or lead to deactivation of chlorine effectiveness.

CES was also the #1 in the USA in the number of pool owners that are connected to their equipment rooms every minute of every day. Why is this important? While direct control of chemistry will help prevent accidents, they still happen… vats go empty, chemical feeders fail, pool pumps get damaged, and more. The CES e-based monitoring programs go further. When an empty vat or intermittent chemical feeder failure happens, thousands of CES customers are instantly alerted of a trending out-of-range condition – allowing them to correct the problem before it actually becomes a code violation or poses an issue to patrons. These alerts escalate until the issue is resolved – mostly within minutes or hours. CES has (by far) the highest numbers of connected customers, and yes, the safest pools.

The CES monitoring center, also recognized as the largest and most advanced in the US, accounted for an unusually large portion of the connected pools in the US. 

“While CES received these awards, the real accolades should go to our customers, as they are the ones that have invested in their facilities, and make the commitment to Take Control, get connected, and get trained and certified.” notes CES president, Alvaro Mendoza. “For the past 35 years, they have established Florida as the place to go if you want to swim in safe and appealing pool water”.

Taking Control is affordable too. CES programs start at $69 per month and include training, on-site service and support, and guaranteed results. 

CES will not rest on our accolades. New advances in communications and controls are continually being introduced, and are alway BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE… meaning that customers with a 1996 Precision Controller can normally upgrade to the latest technologies instead of having to replace existing systems.

Find out how affordable Taking Control can be, and how easy it is to get connected to your equipment room. Your customers will thank you…. many already have.

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