FREE-New Stenner Troubleshooting Calculator Helps CES Customers Build on 35 Years of Reliable Performance

FREE-New Stenner Troubleshooting Calculator Helps CES Customers Build on 35 Years of Reliable Performance

After finding a reliable chemical controller in the early 1980s to serve as the cornerstone of our Q5® Water Quality Control Program, CES’s next task was to find a reliable chemical feeder to dispense chemicals into the pool. We were not only looking for reliability, but also for repeatability, affordability, and ease of service. Feeding caustic chemicals is a thankless job, but an important one just the same.

After a bit of looking, we found Stenner. 

So, in the mid-late 80s we forged a partnership with Stenner that endures today. Tens of thousands of Stenner feeders later and years of reliable service under our belt, both Stenner and CES continue to find ways to improve performance and serviceability. Both companies practice continuing improvement, which is one of the reasons why we have such a happy marriage. 

We are proud to (re) introduce the Stenner Maintenance and Troubleshooting Calculator. This is a handheld slide rule guide that quickly pinpoints potential causes of issues and offers simple solutions to help you get peak performance from your Stenner feeders. We’d love to forward this calculator to you at no charge… by simply requesting here

This is awesome, but it’s not the only reason for our continuing love affair with Stenner. Here are a few others:

What Supply Chain Issue?: Of the manufacturers that we partner with, we have to say that Stenner is the undisputed #1 in how they have handled supply chain issues during the Pandemic. Their incredible investment in raw materials and manufacturing capacity, under the worst conditions, has resulted in quick deliveries on feeders and spare parts. 

Innovation Feeds Other Chemicals: Not only does the “classic” feeder handle the daily rigors of feeding Chlorine and Acid reliably, but Stenner added innovative new models that provide solutions to feeding Enzymes, Stain Prevention, and Filter Aids. The programmable EconT is the backbone of our specialty chemical feeder program and continues the Stenner tradition for reliability and performance. The Stenner MP has been maintaining proper salt levels on all CES saline systems for decades. So there’s a feeder for every application. 

No Price Gouging Here: While Stenner has passed along some moderate price updates to cover inflation and raw material increases, they have avoided the temptation of multiple price increases over the past few years. This helps make the Stenner feeder a real value compared to other feeder options. 

But, the best way to maintain the reliability of the feeder is to maintain the feeder itself. CES’s PMA972 program provides annual or semi-annual maintenance to keep your feeder working at its peak capacity. It also helps extend the life of the feeder substantially. The PMA972 program can be added to any of CES’s on-site maintenance programs, and we’re proud to say that we have been able to hold pre-pandemic pricing. We can also provide all the parts, know how, and support to help you maintain your own feeders on site… if that is your preference.

We’re looking forward to continuing our terrific partnership with Stenner for many years to come, and look forward to helping you maintain your feeders in peak condition… starting with a free Troubleshooting Calculator. 

Thanks for your decades for loyal patronage, and please let us know what we can do to help.