FSPA-CES Introduce Online Education Partnership Launch 20% Discount Off ORP Class

FSPA-CES Introduce Online Education Partnership Launch 20% Discount Off ORP Class

The Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA), founded in 1959, is one of the largest and most successful pool & spa trade associations in the US. They provide Florida’s commercial and residential pool trade with a wide variety of tremendous support and services, which in turn help pool professionals take better care of their patrons. Among their many great programs, they fight for laws that promote safe and healthy swimming, promote learn to swim programs, help stop unlicensed contractor activity, offer scholarships to deserving students, and help patrons hook up with leading pool professionals in their area. They are classic overachievers. 

In FSPA’s April Pool Pro magazine, they announced a partnership with CES to provide online education to their members at a discount. The first class promoted is CES’s 5-Star rated: Understanding ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential. This two-hour class is hosted on CES-U educational web portal, and uses video, flashcards, and other interactive learning techniques to help pool professionals truly understand ORP – the engine behind all chemistry control systems. The class provides Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) for State Certified Contractors and Building Managers, is quite affordable…and now even more affordable.

In the same issue, the Pool Pro magazine highlighted CES’s article: 50 years later! A fresh look at ORP, which recaps the progress of ORP technology throughout the decades. Now you too can now take advantage of the FSPA 20% discount for this class while helping FSPA promote pool water safety. 

Simply visit ces.learnupon.com Click “Add” under the ORP Course Listing Then “Proceed to Cart” and “Checkout” Enter the discount code FSPAORP20 to receive the 20% discount. Enjoy the class, and learn how easy ORP technology can be.

The ORP class is just another tool to help your team provide the safest, most appealing pool water for your patrons, and is combined with CES’s on-site training and support programs to help reach 100% success rate on all installations. 

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Stay Safe.