Governor proclaims May 2019 Water Safety Month. Save 5% – 75% to help you celebrate!

Governor proclaims May 2019 Water Safety Month. Save 5% – 75% to help you celebrate!

Governor Ron DeSantis proclaimed May as Water Safety Month, and we’re ready to whoop it up. While we’re helping hundreds with frantic last minute preparations for May 31 pool openings and hoping to see our families somewhere along the way, we can also take a minute to reflect on the important role that Aquatics play in people’s lives.

The Governor’s proclamation highlighted:

  • “….efforts to educate the public about water safety help prevent drownings and recreational water illnesses.”
  • “….contributions made by the recreational water industry in developing safe swimming facilities, aquatic programs…..”
  • “….communicating water safety rules and programs to ….owners of private pools, users of public swimming facilities, or visitors to waterparks.”

From kids learning to swim, to the elderly using water-based exercise to help them stay in good shape, we are very proud to be a part of the solution, but coudln’t have done this without the partnership with our great customers. Here are a few quick facts:

  • Since 1995, CES has been one the largest educators of AFO and AquaTech pool operators in the USA. We’ve taught many hundreds of classes certifying thousands of pool operators. These great operators have gone on to operate safer facilities that have impacted hundreds of millions of patrons.
  • CES specialized educational classes like the ORP, Guerrilla, and Proven Green Courses, taught in industry conferences, private classes to managers, pool technicians, pool operators and more have helped many thousands provide safer pools while keeping abreast of the newest industry trends.
  • Since 1983, we have installed thousands of chemistry control systems that help facilities maintain perfect pool water 24/7, preventing RWIs and the spread of bacteria and diseases.
  • We are proud to be key contributors to the great USSSA – United States Swim School Association – providing mechanical systems, ongoing training, and online monitoring for hundreds of these wonderful schools in the US who have collectively trained millions of children who WILL NEVER DROWN as a result.
  • We have now monitored thousands of pools sites 24/7 and have the largest Aquatic Monitoring Center in the US, and have sent out millions of alerts for any out of range parameters since 2006 so that operators can correct minor issues before they become a problem. Talk about safer water!
  • We now capture over 10-billion data points a year through our monitoring efforts, and help facilities keep track of their pools and provide safer water.
  • CES’s new online courses, like the Understanding ORP course are helping many DOH officials and operators provide safer pool water through a better understanding of this key technology (SEE Special offer below).

Enough of that….time to celebrate.

  • Offer #1 – For the rest of May, please take an extra 5% off your online order using the Code: WaterSafety19  Need help ordering online?contact us here.
  • Offer #2 – Take 75% off your online 5-Star “Understanding ORP” class by using the Code: CESORP75.  Log in hereclick the class and enter the code when prompted.

Thanks to all our loyal CES customers, we have done this together. We are proud to serve you and please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist.

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