Health Departments, Pool Companies, and Customers turn to SpinDisk Testing

Health Departments, Pool Companies, and Customers turn to SpinDisk Testing

It’s hard not to like a better way of doing things, and folks generally gravitate to something simple that gives great results. Such is the case with the SpinDisk testing of pool water. Recently several health departments around the US have made it their standard means of testing, using the economical 3-test kits. Some pool companies and customers are enjoying testing again… and CES field staff have been using SpinDisk testing for several years. Here’s what the reviews are saying: 

Simple: Folks appreciate the simplicity of operation. You simply fill the syringe with pool water to be tested, and inject the sample into the prepackaged disposable disk. Place disk in testing unit and press. 30-seconds later, you have accurate results without biases of lighting, incorrect drop or powder counts, etc. Pool owners enjoy the peace of mind that tests are being properly conducted.

Accurate: The SpinDisk one of the few “Level 1”  NSF certified test kits, and using a L1 kit is recommended / mandated by some codes and best practices. Many of the normally popular kits are either not rated, or have only achieved L2 or L3 status. More accuracy normally means less variation from desired pool water readings.

Versatile: There are several disks to choose from… including several 3-test disks (you can also use these to do 3 different tests – say Mon, Tues, Wed). Three disk designs include: CL, pH, Stabilzer; CL, pH, Alkalinity; CL, Combined CL, pH, and more. There is also an 11-test single use disk that gives you accurate “laboratory grade” results in 60-seconds including: (CL or BR, Combined CL, pH, Stabilizer, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Iron, Copper, Phosphates, Salt, etc.).

Quick:You get 3-tests in 30 seconds, and 11-tests in 60 seconds… try doing that with drops, pills, or powders. Customers seem to prefer the waterproof case version as it is like carrying around a complete lab, and makes SpinDisk testing even simpler and quicker.

Modern: Besides the accurate testing, the SpinDisk logs all the tests on board, or in a unique cloud-based test storage system. If you operate multiple pools in multiple sites – no problem. The cloud based storage system let’s you individually store readings for as many as you need.

Helping Hand: Once properly set up, if any test is out of your desired range, the system will alert you… whether you or someone else took the test. This out of range automated alert – complete with guiding notes on how to correct – is an industry first, and has lots of potential to help you operate your pools, facilities, or service routes.

Proof of testing: It has dawned on many of us, that this technology is now capable of “proof of testing”… think about that for a minute. You test, you press, you log, and you prove that you operated a pool to the health code. This is an industry first.

Affordable: The SpinDisk DOES cost more than many “dip and tell” test kits, but less than earlier Photometric kits that were more difficult to use, and have not achieved NSF certification. The pre-loaded disks are suprisingly affordable, when you consider the cost of running tests like Stabilizer, Calcium, Alkalinity, etc.

Take the SpinDisk for a spin to see if it is right for your operations. Simply contact your CES rep, and we’ll stop by, test your water with you, and help you check it out first hand….

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