July FLCAJ Magazine Details Chlorine Shortages and Possible Solutions

July FLCAJ Magazine Details Chlorine Shortages and Possible Solutions

It is no secret that there are some severe chlorine shortages in the US, and there have been reports of up to 35% price increases. The Florida Community Association Journal (FLCAJ) published a recent July 2021 article that highlighted some of the contributing factors, the issues, and possible solutions. The article’s link, “Pandemic-Related Chlorine Shortages: Short-, Mid-, and Long-Term Problems and Solutions” is available here.  

We had also recently posted that CES did not anticipate any major disruptions or price changes for our customers, as we have had the good fortune of being in a strong position with our suppliers, and our suppliers were in a strong position in the industry. However, once this article hit the streets, we were hit by some delays, etc. Maybe the article jinxed us? 

While we don’t have complete unavailability, we have been forced to stage some orders to help avoid some hoarding, and to make sure that everyone got some chlorine to operate their facilities… albeit not their complete order.  It is stressful for all of us, but we’ll get through it. We expect the situation to improve each week, and to be back to “normal”, whatever that is these days, by the end of month. 

Bleach customers around Florida have been reporting some delays and some fairly hefty price increases.  Some have even supposedly not been able to receive shipments at all. Pulsar tablet customers have seen minor delays, but no unavailability, and some fairly moderate price increases. Trichlor customers are supposedly faring the worst per industry reports. 

The delays for chemicals come from a wide variety of sources, including everything from plant closures and raw material shortages, as detailed in the article, to crazy things like the inability to secure buckets, or have able-bodied truck drivers to transport the chemicals.

The pricing pressures and shortages are causing a huge increase in popularity of “making your own chlorine” on site, and CES’s ChlorKing Saline Chlorinators and NEXGEN on-site chlorine generation systemsare experiencing great increases… and crazy as it may be… are easily sourced and delivered. 

In any event, please know that we are working diligently to assist all CES customers through these trying times, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you with your operations.

Stay Safe.