Lochinvar ERN Heaters Get Affordable Bronze Header Upgrade

Lochinvar ERN Heaters Get Affordable Bronze Header Upgrade

Sometimes getting the “Bronze” means you’re 3rd best, but not in this case. 

We are proud to announce that the entire line of Lochinvar EnergyRite (ERN) heaters have recently received an upgrade to Bronze headers. Over the past 20-years, ERN heaters have developed a great reputation as a solid, reliable, and efficient heating system. Many ERNs have lasted for a decade or longer, which is sometimes unheard of in a lower cost commercial-residential heater. Many folks look at them as the best heater value in its class.

For the techies…There are two parts to the heat exchanger assembly. The headers, which are at both ends including where the water goes in and out and then there is the exchanger itself in the middle where the water actually gets heated. The unique Lochinvar “gasketless” finned heat exchangers come in copper with an optional cupronickel upgrade normally used on saline pool and spa applications. 

With the introduction of the Bronze header, we now have two options on the header material as well. Headers normally came standard in strong cast iron, with a durable high temp glass lining – perfected in over 100 years of Lochinvar water heater manufacturing. But now, the Bronze option gives saline pool owners additional durability and peace of mind that their heater will stay at peak efficiency for years, even with less than perfect water chemistry.

When you add the Bronze option to the list of ERN features… it is pretty impressive. They include:

  • 5 sizes from 150K to 400K BTU
  • 88% efficiency – without complex condensing 
  • Reliable Fan-assisted combustion 
  • Direct spark ignition – no pilot lights to go out
  • Digital Display for ease of operation
  • Built-in inlet & outlet digital sensors
  • Built-in air and water pressure switches
  • Smart Gas Valve – with built in troubleshooting
  • Stainless Steel burners
  • Low NOx emission for compliance
  • ASME construction to meet commercial codes
  • 7 venting options
  • 3 year Warranty

The Bronze header upgrade is available on all new heaters effective immediately.

Please let us know if we can provide any additional information or can assist you in any way.

Happy 4th and Stay Safe