Many Sites Still Don’t Comply With DOH Regulations For Daily Testing.

Many Sites Still Don’t Comply With DOH Regulations For Daily Testing.

CES Program Allows You To Test 3-Days A Week!

For decades, DOH 64E-9 code has required that the pool be manually tested daily and that the readings be marked on your 921 log form (or equivalent log sheet). That means everyone, everyday per DOH.  The Pandemic interrupted many pool operations and diverted resources elsewhere… but now that many sites and DOH inspections are returning to normal the problem has not gone away. Many still don’t comply with a basic health code requirement.  

Why do sites say they can’t test every day? Some sites outsource all their services, and don’t have a 7-day a week maintenance staff anymore, others only have a 3-day a week pool service contract without coverage for the other days. “7-day service is too expensive!,” “We don’t have the staff nor the budget!,” “We don’t think we need to test daily!”  There had been many reasons, but no solution. 

What have sites done to try to get around this requirement?  They’ll either leave the log sheets blank on days when the pool hasn’t been tested, OR… they’ll write down bogus readings on the log sheet, some times filling them out in advance. This is affably known as the “pencil test kit,” and it is not legal… no longer a secret, and not a real solution. 

Besides hiring 7-day pool staff, or a pool service, here are some simple solutions for compliance:

Test daily, making testing easy: Using a   special digital test kit and the CES TRC™ program, ANY site manager or resident can professionally test and digitally record daily site readings. Simply fill a disk, insert into a NSF-DOH approved tester, press a button, and the results get sent to the cloud for storage. You can’t miss. More importantly, once the test is taken, the site managers and CES get a bounce-back report card of the state of the pool, so that we can help react to any pressing issues. However, you’ll still need to find someone, anyone to administer this daily program. 

MCR® Program: In 2019, CES received a Pioneering DOH Variance to daily testing, named the MCR® program. It is so unique, we also received a registered trademark. It’s simple… you can merely update your CES chemistry system to comply with the DOH’s MCR® guidelines, add a digital tester to the package and then, you can legally test 3 days a week instead of 7 Days a week. We’ll handle the DOH paperwork and the complete set up. The MCR® program combines multiple CES technologies, along with over 25-years of monitoring experience, and the US’s largest open architecture monitoring center to assure the safest pool anywhere, thus the pioneering DOH approval. MCR® also includes a CES program which is approved by the national – Model Aquatic Health Code, making it the only program of its kind, anywhere. 

The MCR® program is available on an affordable monthly plan that can be thousands of dollars less than a 7-day pool service each and every month… and it also helps better cover the gaps in between pool service visits. 

Many feel that 2021 is a good time for complete compliance with Health Codes.  We still highly recommend daily testing when possible, but if not feasible either of these high tech solutions is your best alternative for safe and appealing water. 

Contact your CES rep to find out how these programs can provide an affordable solution to a long term issue that is not going to go away any time soon.  

Stay safe.