Miami Dolphins New Facility Setting a High Bar for Performance and Safety

Miami Dolphins New Facility Setting a High Bar for Performance and Safety

You’ve probably seen the news regarding the Miami Dolphins new $135M training facility, known as the Baptist Health Training Complex. Many are calling it the best in the NFL. We were fortunate to have an inside seat, and we couldn’t agree more. As all the articles suggest, the entire facility appears to be really well laid out, and is equipped with all the modern architectural features and technologies to keep it at the forefront for years to come. The pools are no exception.

There is a terrific lap pool, along with an oversized Hot Tub, a similarly sized Cold Tub, and a State of the Art Hydroworx therapy pool, complete with an underwater treadmill and a digital interface that records and tracks all types of performance metrics. The design criteria was to select treatment systems that will assure crystal clear water 24/7/365 and the ultimate in comfort and safety for the players and coaches. 

Specifically, CES worked with the Dolphins and the aquatic engineering team, led by Ray Schindler and Aquatic Consulting Engineers Inc., to select institutional grade equipment that would provide performance, efficiency, and repeatability without breaking the bank. At the heart of the system is CES’s BECSys5 controls which monitor and/or control all major pool functions including water chemistry, filtration flow, water temperature, Ultraviolet (UV) treatment, and more. The high efficiency pool pumps are operated by CES’s PFDx controls to stay ahead of the new Federal Energy Guidelines. The chemical levels are closely monitored and controlled to provide leading edge disinfection without over treatment, and the heaters/chillers are the most efficient in the industry. The high powered UV systems (both medium and amalgam types) are rated to continually kill or inactivate 99.99% of all potential harmful microorganisms in a single pass. This AMF drinking water-grade filtration system with AFM® activated glass media is designed to filter down to sub-micron levels during specific times of the day. There’s even a Enduro Spot robotic vacuum to provide down to 5-micron in pool filtration and to help keep the facility in top shape. All in all, it’s a terrific system, which is easy to maintain and meant to last.

All water quality parameters are continually monitored and logged, and the powerful alert notification system provides escalating alerts for any out of range parameter… well before it ever can become an issue. CES and the team staff can monitor all parameters from any phone, tablet, or PC, and can quickly look at graphs and trends to help streamline a custom-designed in-house service program. 

CES is no stranger to the needs of the Dolphins, having worked with their talented facilities management team nearly 30-years ago, when the team moved into their previous Davie facility. There we were called in to retrofit similar technologies not provided during the original construction. Over the years as the industry and team’s needs changed, and the facility adapted, we were proud to work side by side with the facility team to help keep the system at the leading edge of water quality and safety.

Please  join us in congratulating the Miami Dolphins for decades of caring for their players and coaches, and for their incredible investment in bringing a championship team to South Florida. 

Please contact your CES rep for more information or to see if any of these technologies might make sense for your facility. 

Go Fins!!