New PFDx programming makes Saving Money easier and better

New PFDx programming makes Saving Money easier and better

The popular PFDx (Precision Flow Device) is waterproof (4x-rated) and compact. It is solid and reliable, and now adds one more adjective to the mix…. it is insanely simple. New software, exclusive to your CES PFDx, comes standard with all new models, and can be retrofitted to any existing CES PFDx for FREE, with a simple service call.


It comes in sizes from 2 HP to 25 HP in all types of voltages. Don’t have 3-phase power on site. No problem. The PFDx even converts inefficient single-phase pumps (up to 10 HP) to energy efficient 3-phase power. It will run your pump by desired flow, pressure, water level, wind, and more. It will interface with up to 7 additional automations systems, splashpad bollards, chemical feed systems, automation devices, and interlocks… you name it. Want different speeds for different events, no problem.


Most VFD’s are really complicated to program with pages and pages of codes (like AD01, DL101,and E37), that each help define how the unit should respond and perform. Not PFDx, …the units come fully pre-programmed at the CES plant so that you just plug and play. No similar device can make that claim. 

The Auto, Off, and Manual buttons are fully functional and don’t need 15 steps to get them to work. How do we know it is simple? Just look at the “Quick Reference Guide”. You want to operate a pump to a certain flow rate? Press Auto, press ESC, enter the flow rate, press ESC. Bingo, you’re done. Same goes for tank levels, etc.


The unit easily connects to your existing BECSys5 or BECSys7 controller, and automatically turns the pump on after a power failure, while operating your pool precisely to Health Department-required flow rates. The results are HUGE energy savings, because it is continually minimizing the power to your pump while keeping you in compliance with DOH codes. Don’t have a BECSys5 or 7, no problem. The PFDx will run a pump directly thanks to the exclusive programming and systematic function that prevents erratic pump behavior and premature failures with other VFD drives.


Besides being safe to use, it is safe to use. We mean there is NO RiSK, NO “hope it works”, and NO “what do I do if it doesn’t work”. Every PFDx comes standard with ON-SITE CES technical support and a 24-month warranty. We have an 100% success rate, and we’re not going to change that anytime soon.


The CES PFDx is available direct from CES or from your local pool builder or service company.  Either way the CES team will be there to support you every step of the way. PFDx units are self funding, so they save more than they cost. A real no brainer.

Please contact your CES Rep to see how the PFDx can save energy for your facility. 

Saving energy and money has never been simpler.

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