New Precision All-in-One Feeder is 99% Self Cleaning

New Precision All-in-One Feeder is 99% Self Cleaning

Hard work and perseverance usually pay off in the long run. That is the case when it comes to feeding Pulsar Calcium Hypochlorite more efficiently.

We proudly introduce the New Pulsar Precision Feeder. A revolutionary new technology in feeding the #1 Pulsar tablet. 

Why is the new Precision Feeder such a game changer? The new patented HCE (High Capacity Erosion) technology erodes the briquettes quicker and much cleaner than any other feeder in the industry, meaning you’ll use fewer chemicals, and clean the feeder less often. How much less? Our trial at a heavily-used municipal pool went 6-months without a major cleaning!

It is also compact, easy to use, and available with NO COST factory programs, or with affordable pay as you save programs from CES. We’re excited, and so are our customers.

But for the “Rest of the Story,” we’ll need to back up a little.

Why is All-in-One Chemistry so popular?

Problem #1: Most city water supplies that fill pools are “Softened” meaning that the hardness and alkalinity is removed. But most pool finishes are a cementitious coating and require lots of both.

Problem #2: When water is low in calcium it gets “hungry.” What does it want to eat? You guessed it…. the grout and pool finish itself, causing potholes and premature degradation.

Problem #3: Most commercial pool service contracts do not seemingly include adding calcium & alkalinity and providing OVERALL water balance. If they did, they would need to add large amounts of 50-lb bags of powdered calcium and alkalinity increaser, and brush until dissolved. It would take much longer to service the pool, and the pool service costs would be much higher.

Problem #4: Add up problem 1-3, and the pool owner is often left with an undersaturated, “hungry” pool water that promotes staining and pitting, and needs a costly refinishing way before it’s time. Who refinishes most of these pools? A service company?

What are the solutions?

Solution #1:  All-in-One: The Patented Pulsar System is the ONLY sanitation treatment that chlorinates; removes organics, particulate, and metals; boosts hardness and shock treats water – all in one complete process. It is safer, promotes less chemical handling, and lasts for years at full strength… unlike other systems.

Solution #2: Pulsar also provides alkalinity and stain prevention additives, and uses 1/10th the muriatic acid of many treatment systems. But it DOESN’T provide stabilizer build up.

Solution #3: Pulsar, while it may cost a bit more, COSTS A LOT LESS than any other system when you consider ALL the other chemicals that SHOULD be added. 

Solution #4: Customers agree that Pulsar pools have much enhanced water quality…. pristine pool water with a “pop”. 

There is no doubt why Pulsar is the leading tablet calcium feed system in the industry. It’s been around many decades, and many thousands of customers have enjoyed clear, clean, glistening pool water while self shocking, and protecting their pumps, filters, grout and heaters from deterioration.

With the new Precision Feeder, you can have all the benefits of “All-in-one” chemistry, with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Simplicity just got better.

Contact your CES rep for more information on the ways you can put a Precision Feeder to work for you.

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