North Palm Beach Country Club Earns Local “Best of the Best” Designation

North Palm Beach Country Club Earns Local “Best of the Best” Designation

North Palm Beach Country Club (NPBCC) was recently honored by the PB Post under their “Best of the Best” program. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of folks. The Club has long been one of the leading destinations for collegiate swim teams, and also has been the host facility for several local high school teams, boasting collegiate champions and Olympians alike. 

We have seen their drive to continually improve first hand, as we first started working with them back in the early 1980s. We first worked together to save natural resources by using one of CES’s MacBall/T-Star pool covers. We then converted an automated chemistry control system, and helped convert the gas chlorine system to a much safer bulk bleach package.

Over the years there have been several modernizations to the pumping, filtration, heating, and chemical treatment packages, …always striving to maintain the best possible water quality for their recreational patrons and swim teams alike. 

Finally, a few years ago, it was time to completely renovate the 1970s pool design from the shell up. The Village put together a team to help write a winning scope of work ranging from structural repairs to the concrete and piping to complete refurbishment of a nearly 50-year old pool lighting system, and more. They selected Family Pools of PSL for the renovation and Frank and his team did a fantastic job on the complete package. 

On the treatment side, the plan was to replace the 22-year old (but still working) CES EPD filtration system to get ready for the next 20-30 years. At the same time, the controls, automatic backwash, heating, chemical treatment, water level controls, water consumption monitoring, and more were brought up to 2020 standards. Finally, the remote control and communications were completely updated to the latest EZ-Connect standard, and it helps them keep the pool operation clicking along smoothly. 

The Club takes great care in keeping everything in tip-top shape, and we are confident that their equipment will continue to perform flawlessly for decades to come. 

Please join us in congratulating NPBCC for a job well done, and let us know if we can ever assist you in planning and completing minor or major renovations at your facility. 

We’re glad to help.