Only $199 a month – for a clean pool – guaranteed.

Only $199 a month – for a clean pool – guaranteed.

Now there’s no need to spend more. Customers did the math….you have a $15/hr employee, or even a pool service vacuum the pool a few hours a day a few times a week, and before you know it — you’re spending $500 a month. But you really can’t vacuum with people in the pool so your cleaner comes early or stays late. Why vacuum your pool? First, it is required by DOH code, and 2nd — new research quantifies the tremendous amount of harmful bacteria found on a dirty pool surface.

Wanna spend less?

The PEPS 200 is here. It’s the little brother of the Enduro Cleaner, complete with rugged Stainless chassis, waterproof remote, GPS-Navigation, and easy to clean collection bag. It is designed for smaller pools up to 30’ x 60’ and will clean them in less than an hour.

Why do robotic vacuums have a horrible reputation?

Customers complain that their robots spend their lives in the shop. Once one thing gets fixed, another thing breaks. It’s expensive and unneccesary. Not Enduro and not the Peps. Why? It is the only fully site-repaired robotic vacuum in the industry. That means that all preventive maintenance (belts & brushes), programming and customizations, and service — even motor replacements after thousand of hours — are handled on your pool deck. There’s no shipping expense, little to no down time, and just a quick phone call to your CES Service Team does the trick.

Check out the full line of reliable Enduro cleaners on the website, or contact your CES rep for a demo.

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