SpinTouch Digital Test Kit updated Guides, Manuals, and Programs.

SpinTouch Digital Test Kit updated Guides, Manuals, and Programs.

While CES techs have been utilizing SpinTouch test kits for years, there seems to be a groundswell of support from customers and pool service operators. Sure, it’s quick, simple, and accurate, and quite affordable with your CES discount, but folks are starting to explore and implement all the new ways to connect their facilities. Leading apartment ownership & management companies have standardized this technology nationally, and hotels, condos, competition pools, and swim schools have followed. 

Recently, we have had inquiries from customers on the BEST method for taking tests to assure accuracy, so we wanted to provide you with the latest Start up Guide which details the proper filling of the disks in order to get the maximum consistency and accuracy. Also for you manual readers, here is the latest version of the manual… 76 pages and all.

Also per your requests, here are other quick updates on the CES SpinTouch Program:

  • Connecting to your Controller: As reported last week, the SpinTouch now connects to your newest BECSys5 and BECSys7 controller giving you permanent storage and a quick comparison to the controller reading. It requires a certain version of the SpinTouch software, which is a free update.
  • Updating SpinTouch Software: The SpinTouch software is periodically updated to improve features, accuracy, and compatibility with new tests. If you have a PC, you can update the software online, and our tech support team will guide you through the process.
  • Ways to Verify Calibration: Every SpinTouch comes with a dedicated calibration disk. Unsure of a reading? Load in the MCD disk and get quick verification of calibration in less than two minutes. Out of calibration? Press a button and the disk will update the calibration for you. Have an issue? CES can review and calibrate your SpinTouch remotely if needed.
  • Loaners Ready to Go: Have an issue? CES maintains a large supply of loaner test kits ready to ship at a moment’s notice, so that you can keep your testing program working smoothly.
  • Staying Connected: CES’s TRC™ (Test Report & Correct) program is being used by leading organizations across the US to identify ANY time a test is taken, the results of the test (on both 3-parameter or 11-parameter disks), and send a detailed report identifying exactly what needs to be added to perfectly balance the water.

Hope that this update helps, and please let us know if we can support your testing programs in any way… either with the SpinTouch program or the popular Taylor or Palintest programs that preceded the SpinTouch technology.

Thanks again for your long-time support, and let us know how we can assist.

Stay Safe.