Sugar Sands – 30 Years of Pioneering Innovation Now Leads the Way in Safety with MCR®

Sugar Sands – 30 Years of Pioneering Innovation Now Leads the Way in Safety with MCR®

Sugar Sands Condominium is a rare gem. It is an over 55 community, with 344 condos, spread out over 30 acres on Singer Island. You can walk a couple of hundred yards to the beach, jump on a boat from one of the 80 docks owned by the community, and get right out into some of world’s best fishing right off the Palm Beach Inlet. 

 Or…you can also jump in the oversized lap pool, in one of the safest and best-managed facilities of its type in all of Florida. Says who? Says us, who have been fortunate enough to observe how Thomas Signer went about his business starting in the early 90s, and how Joshua DeBrino has carried the torch after Tom’s retirement. 

They were one of the first to take direct control of water their chemistry in the early 90s, installing a CES System One controller, and shortly thereafter adding one to the wading pool and spas. The System Ones were eventually replaced by System3s years later, and all ran smoothly for decades. They were also one of the pioneers in going with an all-in-one chemical in the late 90s, and implementing the Spin Touch test kit when it became available.  

They eventually wanted to take advantage of the advancements in communications and direct-reading PPM sensors. So they upgraded the pool and spa to CES MR3-C controllers with Communications in 2017… getting a hefty trade-in on their pristine System3 controllers. (Note: the System3s were refurbished and today are spearheading a water management program in a couple of condo Bahamian pools – their job was not done)

Sugar Sands has always played by the book, always staying well within DOH codes, which helps explain their interest in keeping the pool in tip top shape every day. 

So, we were not surprised when Sugar Sands looked into upgrading their pool and spa once again in late 2020. This time they converted their MR3-Cs to CES’s exclusive MCR® (Monitor, Control, & Report) program. If you recall, MCR® provides a DOH-approved variance from daily testing by combining proven CES technologies in a tamper-proof package. It assures the safest possible pool with great monitoring, PPM verification with a combination of the PPM sensor and the Spin Touch tester, and instantaneous and escalating alert notification of any out-of-range parameters. It provides the ultimate in safety and liability avoidance, and all in all, Sugar Sands only had to add a couple of components essential to their existing systems to achieve MCR® status.  

They also like to take care of their staff, and know that everyone needs a day off to stay fresh. So they take advantage of CES’s MCR® variance from daily testing, to give their guys a periodic well deserved day off… knowing that they will be alerted and can resolve any water quality issue remotely… well BEFORE it becomes an issue. Sure, other folks might just write in a bogus test kit reading on the missing day, but not Sugar Sands… that’s not the way they roll.  

Join us in congratulating Joshua and his team for continuing the high standards set for decades by Thomas and his team, and for always going above and beyond to provide the safest and most appealing water for their patrons and guests. 

Contact your CES rep for more information on the MCR® program, and how it can help provide the ultimate in safety and code compliance.