Terrific new swim school project in SC raises the bar!

Terrific new swim school project in SC raises the bar!

We’ve always been taught that hard work yields great results, but there’s no clearer example than with Lance and Carlie Ogren. Sure, Lance is the World Record Holder for the Ederle 17.5 mile swim… Really?, and swam the English Channel, the Catalina Channel and around Manhattan Island over the years. Carlie is one of the leading Masters Swim Coaches in the US, and has been teaching children to swim since she was 16 years old. Not really the typical couple next door.

This has all been perfect training for their latest venture. Together they persevered through all the trials and tribulations of engineering, building and pool construction, permits, and time delays, etc, and recently opened their new state-of-the-art Brighton Swim Academy in Mount Pleasant SC. Check it out, It is awesome.

CES worked with the Ogrens throughout the entire design, pre-planning and construction process, supplied the equipment package, and are proud to continue to provide monitoring and technical support for this awesome operation.

The 24′ x 60′ pool was specially designed to a strict budget, but equipped with some of the most modern treatment equipment and with a special air handling system. The water is circulated 300% faster than a typical pool in order to stay crystal clear even during the highest bather loads. The filtration system is a dual-tank drinking water grade deep-bed CES AMF Filter System with simple single-lever backwash for performance and redundancy. The BECSys5 serves as the hub of the pool operation controlling the chemistry with great precision, while also controlling the pool pump, water level, and counting the water being used. The system also alerts the Brighton staff if ANY of the parameters start to drift outside of the ideal range, so that their team can adjust them swiftly before it becomes an issue. The Pulsar all-in-one chemical system and UDA™ ultra-dilute acid system provide perfect water balance automatically, while self shocking and removing metals at the same time. To top it off, the system is equipped with a CES UV system that removes the potentially noxious chlorine odors from the building while removing any undesirable organisms in a single pass every time the water passes through the stainless-steel lined UV chamber. The Lochinvar heater keeps the pool at a perfect temperature, and the T-Star pool cover keeps the heat in the pool during off peak times.

Even the air treatment is special, as a special Dectron dehumidification system provides a perfect environment for teaching swimming… 90F water, 86F air, and 58% relative humidity. Makes us want to jump right in!

All in all the Brighton Swim Academy provids a perfect environment to learn to swim, for babies 6-months and up, all the way through teen and adult classes… so no one is left out of the fun. The great facility, together with the warm and personalized award-winning programs put together by the Ogrens and SwimConsultant.com, make for a perfect environment. Also think of the hundreds and thousands of kids that will swim confidently for the rest of their lives, without fear of drowning. We applaud the entire swim school industry, and are honored to be a part of it.

Join us in congratulating Lance and Carlie Ogren for a job well done, and help us wish them terrific success in the future. It is well deserved, and couldn’t happen to a nicer group of folks.

Please let us know if we can assist you in your pool operations as well.

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