Two Great Ways to Make Your Own Chlorine from Pool Water

Two Great Ways to Make Your Own Chlorine from Pool Water

Last week we looked at how blessed CES and Pulsar customers are in avoiding Chlorine shortages and huge 35% price increases. Still some folks have gotten nervous about how supply chain fragility could affect their operations long-term, even if it is not happening in this situation. They have asked for other solutions.

We have some suggestions:

For the last 15 years, CES has been providing reliable long-term on-site production of Chlorine – out of pool water. When we first got involved with Saline Chlorination, as it is known by many, it actually HAD a horrible reputation in the pool industry. There were widespread complaints of poor Chlorine production output and horrible longevity. That is when we met ChlorKing, and they changed all that. They had developed a better mousetrap, and had refined their engineering manufacturing over decades overseas. 

Since that time, we have installed many hundreds of saline systems that are reliably producing many millions of gallons of Chlorine for our customers annually, and at an affordable cost of about 45-cents per pound of Chlorine. What is the down side? It takes a pretty decent initial investment to install one of these “Chlorine Factories” at your facilities, but some folks have gotten around that by spreading it out over 3 years on an EMA “equipment maintenance agreement.” Pretty innovative! It turns out the typical monthly cost of an EMA is well below typical chlorination costs, so it provides a “self funding” solution that saves more than it costs on a monthly basis. 

 Here are the two most popular systems:

  • ChlorKing Chlor Systems: These self-cleaning wall-mounted systems come in 9 sizes up to 28-lbs/day – which is equivalent to up to nearly 12 residential cells. They provide a mineral water environment in your pool or spa, a popular feature with many patrons. They have proven to be a reliable solution for every-day chlorination, and the replaceable cells have been lasting an average of 3-5 years – many times the warranty period for residential-grade cells. The systems also maintain a constant salinity in the pool water automatically, an industry exclusive, so you don’t need to add salt and brush to keep the pool salinity at optimum levels. All-in-all a simple, reliable, and trustworthy long term solution for your daily chlorination needs.
  • ChlorKing NEXGENpH Systems: These skid mounted systems come in 5 sizes up to 120-lbs/day-which will easily handle the complete chlorination needs of pools from 600k-1million gallons. You merely roll them in place, connect to your pool piping, add salt in the storage vat – like your water softener at home, and the completely automated system reliably makes pH-neutral chlorine 24/7/365. Unlike the early generations, the systems are completely self-cleaning, and a single system can provide all the chlorination for up to 4 additional pools in the same equipment room…. a true Chlorine factory at your facility.

Please contact your CES rep to find out if one of these “make your own” strategies might work for your facility.  

We can go over site specific sizing, costs, savings, and provide a complete understanding of how customers have successfully implemented saline chlorination over the years.

 Stay Safe