Versatile PFDx Helps Provide 3rd High Wind Solution for Fountains

Versatile PFDx Helps Provide 3rd High Wind Solution for Fountains

It’s a universal problem. The owner wants to make a bold statement with the entrance to his facility or housing development. The engineer designs a beautiful entrance fountain that enhances the entrance, equipped with a majestic spray feature shooting high in the air. The builder installs everything according to plans, and the landscape architect provides lush landscaping to complete the look. The entrance is now complete. 

Then the wind kicks up and the spray goes everywhere. The owner loses a bunch of expensive water, and all the chemicals that went to balance it. But more importantly, the chlorinated water, sometimes even treated with saline chlorination, sprays all the vegetation, and sometimes it dies. Not good. 

So, what can be done to alleviate the issue?

Take Control: Traditionally, the first step is to take control of the chemistry levels. A simple CES controller, which costs as little $69 a month, can take the first step in saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars of landscaping by preventing common over-chlorination of a manual system. 

Minimize Chlorine Usage: Another common solution is to install a CES amalgam ultraviolet treatment system, which produces both ozone and UV to take on a significant part of the oxidation process. With that handled, the chlorine backup has less to do, and thus, we can hold a lower PPM of chlorine to keep the water sanitary, free from algae, and crystal clear. 

Modulate the Spray Depending on Wind Speed: Sounds complicated, but CES can make it simple. For many years, we have experienced great success by integrating our ECW100C wind controller, with our PDFx (Precision Flow Device) pump controller. The wind controller comes equipped with a professional-grade wind sensor, 300’ of cable, and a reliable controller. The controller monitors the wind speed accurately, and has 4 relays that can modulate the pumps settings. 

Then those 4 settings are integrated into the PFDx Controller, and it sends a specific flow or speed signal to any 3-phase pump (since only 3 phase motors can be modulated). Don’t have 3 phase power on the site? No problem. The PFDx is also available in “Phase Conversion” models all the way up to 10 Horsepower. So, you can use the existing 240V service to power the PFDx and it will operate the 3 Phase pump. It’s Nema4X design allows direct installation outdoor, and a simple rain shield helps protect the unit for years to come.

Using this simple set up, the feature spray gets trimmed automatically, going lower and lower as the wind gets higher and higher. Once adjusted, this system will work flawlessly for many years.

Please let us know if you might have an need for this solution, and our team will provide a no-cost evaluation of your site, and provide a solution at a low monthly cost.