Web Order Special gets additional bonus – Read On

Web Order Special gets additional bonus – Read On

Thanks for your feedback from our October 11th feature on the CES online inventory and ordering system. Glad that you’re enjoying it. Our real focus in the web store is to help you pinpoint the necessary support parts out of the 12,000+ items in our catalog… so you merely long on, click on the pump, feeder, heater, etc in your equipment room, and you’ll see a list of support parts, with photos and pricing. Contact your CES rep to get set up or for technical assistance. 

BUT… Some of you asked why we did not include a discount code on the 11th, and there is a simple answer…. we forgot.

So…until November 6th (Election day) use the code AM110618 and receive a 4% discount off your online orders. That means that you can combine the ease of online ordering with an extra discount over our regular discounted pricing. Make sure to contact your CES rep to get your MyCES™ section loaded up with the precise parts and accessories that you need to keep your swimming pools running at peak performance. 

And, as the infomercials like to say…BUT THERE’S MORE! The CES Social Media whiz kids feel left out. So those of you that get on the CES Facebook page and post a review or recommendation on your CES team service…. you’ll receive an additional email from us with an updated promo code, and you’ll receive an extra 4% on the same orders… 

So, now you know that we’re really not a web store giant, and we’re not social media mavens… but we’re an appreciative company of hard workers that want to thank you for your loyalty and support, and want to make your life as easy as possible with our point and save web store specials. 

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